So Money - Episode 1244

Dan Weissmann

Host, An Arm and a Leg

Guest Dan Weissmann is the host of the podcast An Arm and a Leg, where he takes one of the most enraging, terrifying, depressing aspects of American life—the cost of health care— and produce a show that’s entertaining, empowering and useful. Topics discussed on today’s show: How to negotiate your medical costs, securing health care when you leave a job, and the importance of shopping around for health care.

More about Dan: Before creating An Arm and a Leg in 2018, partly as a response to his own family’s quest for affordable health care, Dan worked in public radio. He’s been a staff reporter for Marketplace and Chicago’s WBEZ, and has done stories for outlets like 99 Percent InvisiblePlanet MoneyRevealCode SwitchMorning Edition and All Things Considered.

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