So Money - Episode 1363

Christina Blacken

Founder, The New Quo

What’s your money story? We’re discussing “narrative intelligence,” a powerful technique that can help us rewrite and reclaim our money stories and, in turn, our financial livelihoods. My guest is Christina Blacken, a public speaker, performer, and founder of The New Quo. The New Quo is a leadership development and equity consultancy, helping leaders create inclusive practices, habits, and goals through their narrative intelligence.

More about Christina: She helps leaders identify the psychological impact of historical, cultural, and personal narratives on beliefs, bias, and behaviors to improve their bias recognition, as well as providing them with leadership tools to create more equitable communication, goal setting, decision making, and relationship building skills. She’s applied this methodology to a variety of equity problems, from social media content moderation, to creating equity goals and practices for every area of a business, to helping companies create more inclusive language in their content and services. She’s trained 8,809 leaders across 9 industries, and has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and among other outlets.

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