So Money - Episode 1495

Chelsea Fagan

Author, A Perfect Vintage

So Money® friend and founder of The Financial Diet, Chelsea Fagan drops by to share an exciting update: she’s written a book! But not a personal finance book. A gripping novel! It’s entitled, A Perfect Vintage. The synopsis: Lea Mortimer has everything under control. As a highly sought-after consultant specializing in transforming dilapidated French country estates into boutique hotels, she relishes her freedom as a single, childfree woman. And her life is full, occupied as much by her impeccable historic renovations as by the aristocratic — and often exhausting — French families she works for.

But after the heated divorce of her closest friend and cousin Stephanie Bryce, Lea finds herself taking Stephanie and her college-aged daughter to the Loire Valley in France for the summer. As they tag along for Lea’s latest work assignment, despite their best intentions, they threaten to complicate the tightrope act of launching the hotel on time. And when Lea unexpectedly falls for the much-younger son of her boss, she quickly learns the beauty and danger of losing control.

Learn how Chelsea became inspired to write and self-publish a work of fiction and her advice for others who want to bring a creative idea to life (without quitting their day job).

More about Chelsea: Her company, The Financial Diet, is the largest women’s personal finance media company. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and dog. Learn more about FTD’s membership program here.

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