So Money - Episode 1116

Chanie Wilschanski

CEO of Schools of Excellence

If you’re considering making a big move – personal or professional – in this strange moment, my guest today will offer inspiration and guidance. Chanie Wilschanski is a friend of the podcast, first visiting the show in 2018 to discuss her role as the breadwinner in her marriage, raising four children and running her own company. Today Chanie talks about why and how her family decided to move to Florida this summer, against all fears and uncertainty. For them this move required a giant leap of faith. Chanie’s mindset and strategy towards this shift is commendable.

More about Chanie: She is an Early Childhood Leadership Coach and CEO of Schools of Excellence where she has worked with hundreds of EC Directors and School Owners who are working to build a School of Excellence with higher staff retention, teacher motivation, parent partnership and a collaborative culture.

Chanie began her journey over a decade ago, teaching toddlers at the acclaimed Preschool of the Arts in New York City for 8 years until she continued her path into high studies and earned her Masters in EC and Special Education.

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