So Money - Episode 847

Cate Luzio

Founder, Luminary

So often we hear about startups taking investor dollars, or venture capital, or taking on debt to start a business. Our show today highlights one woman, Cate Luzio, and how she, thanks to her consistent savings over the years, afforded her own way to launching her business and becoming an entrepreneur.

She just decided a year ago to launch Luminary; a new collaboration hub in New York dedicated to providing women with a beautiful and functional space to work and grow their network. Prior to forming Luminary, Cate was the Executive Vice President and Global Head of multinational corporate banking at HSBC. There, she was responsible for roughly $2 billion in revenue and teams globally in 55 countries. A longtime advocate for empowering women and girls, Cate serves on the National Board for Girls Inc.

Cate and I discuss the impetus for her transition into entrepreneurship. We also talk about the reasons behind what seems to be a stagnant level of women in the workplace since the 1980’s. Also, couldn’t let her go without asking her about some of the money memories from childhood that shaped her perspectives today.

To learn more about Cate and Luminary, please visit and follow on Instagram @BeaLuminary.

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