So Money - Episode 1029

Caleb Guilliams

Founder, BetterWealth

My guest today is a wealth manager who says despite the downturn in the market, his clients didn’t lose any money. How is that possible?

Caleb Guilliams is the founder and CEO of BetterWealth, a company committed to showing people how to have more efficiency and control over their money today while maximizing their future wealth potential. At an early age, Caleb read every financial book he could get his hands on and was fascinated with the idea of ordinary people being able to achieve extraordinary wealth. While still in college, he was promoted to take over the entire investment division at a local community bank where he committed to finding a better way to wealth for his clients. He traveled across the country for over two years learning from top financial experts. He eventually discovered proven strategies and principles that can empower anyone to create and protect real wealth.

More about Caleb: He is the author of The AND Asset, and host of the BetterWealth Podcast. Learn more about

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