So Money - Episode 489

Bushra Azhar

Persuasion Strategist

Want to learn how to get pretty much anything you want? Negotiating is one of the tenets of being So Money® so to that end I’ve invited one of the world’s TOP persuasion strategist’s Bushra Azhar. She’s going to give us her secrets to how she’s been able to persuade even the most stubborn people and companies. Bushra consults with top companies like Pepsi, Unilever and Ernst & Young, as well as smaller firms to help executives persuade their bosses and to get companies to persuade their customers.

And it all comes down to psychology. We get a PSYCH 400 level crash course today, so grab your your pen and paper!

Some fun factoids about Bushra: She was the youngest Vice President of a bank at just 24 years old and was the only women “at the table.” She began working in consulting when she moved to Saudi Arabia where they have very strict laws pertaining to women. She’s not allowed to drive, open a bank account or leave the country without the permission of a guardian. Yet, she managed to build her business while working part-time and managing a family.

How, exactly? You’ll have to listen to find out….

If you’d like to learn more about Bushra visit her website or follow her on Twitter @bushraazhar.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “The more you give the more you get…I look at it as the rent I pay for being alive & well.” – Click To Tweet

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