So Money - Episode 1565

Brooke Taylor

Transformational Career Coach

Are you a wounded achiever? Transformational career coach Brooke Taylor shares her personal conflict with her “success wounds” and how to spot the different types of wounded achiever in yourself, how each manifests in your life and impact your career and money choices.

More about Brooke: She is a global speaker and transformational career coach supporting female leaders at companies like Goldman Sachs, Coinbase, Google, Salesforce, McKinsey, across the globe. She is also a former Marketing Lead at Google.

In a crowded career coaching space, Brooke has distinguished herself as “the expert” in helping transform the lives and careers of high-achieving female leaders. Using a combination of Brooke’s personal experience and expertise modalities, Brooke breaks down what she calls women’s deeply ingrained “success wounds” and decouples their identity from their achievements, enabling her clients to scale their income, land promotions 200% faster, negotiate greater raises, and 100% of clients seeking a new job have landed one, all while gaining inner freedom and healthier narratives in the workplace.

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