So Money - Episode 1174

Britni Ross

Financial Educator and Coach

Our guest today erased six figures worth of consumer debt and now runs a successful business, while teaching many on how to reclaim their financial health. Britni Ross is a Business & Financial Educator and Coach who focuses on helping you break your financial handcuffs so you can create a life and work you love.

From budgeting to wealth building, Britni teaches you how to take command of your money story. Over the last decade, she has paid off over $170,000 in personal debt and left her corporate job to test her skills at running a business.

Britni is a wife, mother, and multi-passionate entrepreneur who lives in Ohio where she continues working toward her goal of becoming financially independent. Beyond her coaching business, she also runs a successful e-commerce company with her husband from the comfort of their 13-acre countryside property.


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