So Money - Episode 636

Brian Maloney

Founder of CUSP NYC

Our guest today has been a close friend and a key member of my support system since my early days of living in New York City. Brian Maloney is here. Brian is more than just a friend. He is a mentor, an entrepreneur, a loving dad, brother and husband. He recently made a brilliant career pivot from high profile positions in brand marketing and public relations to becoming the owner of his own Brooklyn art gallery called CUSP NYC. I’ve always wanted to pick Brian’s genius brain and talk money with him and now seemed like a great opportunity.  

Brian says the power of art has always been his engine for creativity and inspiration in helping brands. His modus operandi is Creativity Unleashed to Solve Problems, which is how he came up with the name CUSP for his gallery here in Brooklyn.

Later this month CUSP will be featuring 12 female artists in an exhibit called MAKE ROOM. All the artists use uncommon techniques or a unique process to transform traditional media. Maybe I’ll see you there! Visit 

Up next…Hear Brian Maloney on his money philosophy, growing up in the Midwest and flipping burgers at Burger King. You gotta start somewhere!

If you’d like to learn more about Brian visit or follow him on Instagram at @cuspnyc.

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