So Money - Episode 607

Brian Balthazar

VP of Programming & Development for Scripps Networks

Do you dream of having your own TV talk show or be on reality TV? Come on, you know you want to be a star! My guest today has a played a leading role running popular daytime TV programs including Hoda and Kathie Lee on the Today Show and The View.

Brian Balthazar is here with advice on how to strike out on television, as well as his own personal journey of rising the ranks in television as a programming developer and executive producer.  Brian take us back to the days he was working in retail, then living in his car…not sure what his future would hold.  Today, he is the Vice President of Programming and Development for Scripps Networks where he creates and directs a variety of shows for HGTV, DIY Network and Great American Country. You may also recognize Brian as the fun and funny personality who appears on numerous shows discussing pop culture and media headlines.

If you’d like to learn more about Brian visit his website or and follow him on Twitter @BrianBalthazar.

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