So Money - Episode 382

Brad Hargreaves

Founder and CEO of Common

Today’s guest, Brad Hargreaves, is the founder and CEO of Common. Maybe you’ve heard of it because it’s been getting a lot of press recently. Common is dedicated to making housing better by providing flexible, community-minded shared homes. Previously, he co-founded General Assembly, a global education institution with campuses in more than 15 cities worldwide. Fun fact, my husband Tim works here and that’s where he met Brad. As part of the General Assembly founding team, Brad led the growth of the company’s education business from its launch in 2011 into a global institution with over a dozen campuses. Most recently, he was a Venture Partner at Maveron, General Assembly’s lead investor. Brad has also earned recognition by Vanity Fair’s “The Next Establishment”, Inc Magazine’s “30 Under 30”, and Business Insider’s “Silicon Alley 100”.

Some of the questions that I have for him going in to today’s interview… co-living, can he just define that for me? What is that really like?  Who is it best for? Who is it not good for? What can you really save by co-living? Is it worth it? And Brad’s biggest mistake as he was launching his career as an entrepreneur after college.

If you’d like to learn more about Brad, visit his website or follow him on Twitter @bhargreaves.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “As an entrepreneur, you kind of have to run your personal life a little bit like a startup.” – Click To Tweet

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