So Money - Episode Bonus

Bonus Ask Farnoosh

Farnoosh Torabi

We’re in conversation with Julie Lambert who manages Schwab’s branch in Plano, Texas. We’re answering your money questions that have come through on Instagram about how to play catch up with retirement savings in your 40’s, the realities of moving to New York City and affording lifer here with children and when is it OK to use your rainy day fund for the purposes of investing in real estate?

As many of you know, I’m working with Charles Schwab to help spread financial literacy to the masses and it’s been a really great collaboration so far. I’m a Charles Schwab customer and have been for many years. So before we get started, just want to thank Charles Schwab for helping us get this financial education content to you.

To learn more about Schwab and how to work with them, visit Schwab offers a range of services for people looking to invest and plan for their future, whether you want to invest on your own with the help of do-it-yourself tools and educational resources, get some periodic guidance from a professional, or work with someone in a branch. Find it all at
Farnoosh has been compensated by Charles Schwab. Farnoosh is not affiliated with
Schwab and the views she expresses may not necessarily reflect those of The Charles Schwab Corporation or
its affiliates. Farnoosh is a client of Schwab.

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