So Money - Episode 826

Best of 2018: The Fire Movement

Farnoosh Torabi

Ever dream of retiring early? Or just having enough in the bank so you can truly live a life on your terms? We’re looking back at the year and we had quite a few individuals on So Money® in 2018 who are part of the so-called FIRE movement, have you heard of this? It stands for Financial Independence Retire Early.

Now, just to be clear – because I know there is a bit of back and forth on what this actually entails- from my understanding and having interviewed so many people who are a part of this movement, retiring early does not mean quitting working, it just means you’re not tethered to your 9 to 5, you’re not working a job that you don’t love. You may be still making money even though – but you’re doing it on your terms.

One of our guests this year from episode 687 was Tanja Hester, who arrived on the podcast having just retired and she’s not even 40 years old. After saving half of her income for years, she and her husband finally reached financial independence at the end of 2017. They left their careers and currently are enjoying outdoor life in Lake Tahoe.

Along the way Tanja started a blog called, Our Next Life, to document the couple’s journey and she does monetize this so herein is how she’s making her early retirement money. But here’s the beginning of our interview when Tanja shared the specifics behind how she arrived at early retirement.

Also mentioned in this episode: Mrs. Frugalwoods, Vicki Robin and Andy Hill.

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