So Money - Episode 1417

Barbara Sloan

Author, Tipped

Are you a service industry professional? Do you earn tips? Are you sick of living shift to shift and ready to take control of your money and your life? Guest Barbara Sloan is the author of Tipped: The life changing guide to financial freedom for waitresses, bartenders, strippers, and all other service industry professionals. She offers strategies for workers who want to create a more sustainable career path in the service industry and create financial independence, despite fluctuating pay and a lack of benefits. To learn more about Barbara visit

More about Barbara: She is a homeless teen, who danced for dollars, and definitely did not graduate from college. She is now a personal finance expert and money coach that spent two decades working in every imaginable position in the Service Industry all over the country. In addition to owning and running a badass women owned Construction company in the heart of Manhattan, she helps Tipped workers achieve Financial Freedom, like she did. She is passionate about all of the amazing aspects of Tipped work and passionate about all of the terrible aspects of Tipped work. She lives in New York City with her wife of 10 years, an esteemed corporate finance exec, and together they are a couple of adorable money nerds who point out every dog they see.

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