So Money - Episode 914

Ask Farnoosh: How Much is “Enough” For Retirement?

Farnoosh Torabi and Annie LaCroix

Farnoosh and Annie LaCroix, a listener and founder of Brainy Boss, answer your top money questions. This week: Investing in socially responsible funds, how much to save for retirement, what to do with several million dollars in a settlement and best ways to repair credit. Should the IRS debt top credit card debt?

More about Annie: She is a parallel entrepreneur and host of the Brainy Boss podcast.  Annie helps small business owners organize their business from the ground up for longevity and time management.  Annie is passionate about helping people protect their time with a vengeance. Therefore, her bio is short, saving you time to get other stuff done. If you want more, head to Brainy Boss and find it there.

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