So Money - Episode 35

Ask Farnoosh

Farnoosh Torabi

On today’s Ask Farnoosh episode, I answer questions about how to save $10,000, managing credit card debt and great investing books. See all the questions below.


Hi Farnoosh, I have been listening to you podcast and enjoy it as I am learning new thing. In one of them you talked about compound interest? I am a recent grad with about 200k student loans and have recently have about 10k saved from my last job and I would like to know which accounts should be good for me to put that aside. I have Roth IRA which I try to contribute monthly.


Coming out of college, I managed to run up a LOT of unsecured debt(CC and person bank loan).  I stopped paying them all and I am soon coming up on the statute of limitations on my first couple of CCs(6 yrs in NV). Do you have advise on how to manage this. Do I simply take the date on my credit report as to when these will fall off?  Should I get in contact with a fin planner? A lawyer? Any help?!


Hey Farnoosh! I have a LOT of student loan debt but own an affordable home & have minimal other debt. My emergency fund is growing to over 2 months worth of income  & I save for various other needs. (Taxes, trips, etc) have a 401K at work with no match I contribute to. What’s my next money move?


Can you recommend some books/resources for learning about the different kinds of investments. I know many terms, but not really what they ARE.


really like the podcast. How did your parents shape your view of money? Would they consider consider coming on an episode? Even if it is a weekend show where you “let your hair down and kick off the shoes”. I would love to hear their thoughts. Keep up the great work!


Hi Farnoosh!  I love your podcast, it’s inspired me so much.  Are there any podcasts or books that have inspired you?  Thanks!


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