So Money - Episode 1151

Ask Farnoosh

Co-Host, Philip Barker

This week’s So Money mailbag includes questions related to quitting a day job to pursue a side hustle, saving up to buy a home and convincing reluctant parents to save and invest for retirement.

Joining as co-host is Philip Barker, an avid So Money listener. Philip began his career in advertising, and after some self-discovery, found himself wanting to help others. After graduating from Loyola University Chicago in May 2012, he began a career in clinical social work in a high school setting, specializing in adolescent behavior and substance use issues.

In 2015, Phillip began his own psychotherapy practice and now sees clients privately and consults with organizations on clinical and social-emotional concerns, as well as advocating for diverse, inclusive workspaces. He is also a Certified Financial Social Worker, bridging his passions for personal finance and emotional well-being.

You can learn more about Philip on his website and on Instagram @phillycheeses.

Here’s the NextAdvisor piece I wrote about my experience using Robinhood – and why users should be aware. Very aware.

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