So Money - Episode 1112

Ask Farnoosh

Farnoosh Torabi

*This episode is brought to us by COUNTRY Financial.

Today’s Ask Farnoosh focuses on questions related to managing your family finances in this pandemic and recession.

I recently partnered with COUNTRY Financial and they recently conducted this eye-opening survey which points to some major financial struggles across the nation. It found that 51% of parents have financial concerns with extra food, childcare, technology and internet costs and 27% of parents have had to delay paying rent, credit card bills, auto insurance bills or retirement contributions.

I’m joined by Troy Frerichs who is COUNTRY’s Vice President of Investment Services to help answer listener questions including:

    • How to be a new parent and manage the related costs and time pressures of working and raising your child from home?
    • How to get back in the workforce if you’ve had to quit your job during Covid to take care of your family?
    • How to navigate the increased costs of college kids returning and living back at home?

You can learn more about the COUNTRY survey and get access to some really helpful content and articles at

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