So Money - Episode 83

Ask Farnoosh

Farnoosh Torabi

In this episode of Ask Farnoosh, you asked: How much should we borrow to attend college and what do I say if a prospective employer insists on knowing my previous salary?

Full questions below:

Kazi asks:

Hey Farnoosh! Tony Robbins, Money Master the Game, is a good resource for Americans. Do you have a resource/book just as good but for Canadians?

Sandi asks:

My son is able to obtain full or nearly full paid 2 and 4 year scholarships that are not his top choice. He was accepted at all of his top choices, but each come with $15k, $20k or more out of pocket EACH YEAR after scholarships. He will participate in athletics, but has not received any $ for athletics from his chosen schools. We do not qualify for any financial aid. My ex feels he should go wherever he wants so he can participate in a desirable athletic program, but I feel it is financially irresponsible for a student to take on so much debt. Your thoughts? He’s majoring in finance 🙂

Shannon asks:

Hi, Farnoosh! I am 30 years old and ready to start a family with my husband. I’m enrolled in a mandatory retirement plan that matches the contributions taken from my paycheck. I have some extra money each month and no debt (just a mortgage) with the option to add a voluntary retirement program. The options are 403(b), Roth 403 (b), which is the best option for me? Also, my job offers FMLA for maternity leave (12 weeks no pay) what is your advice for new moms and maternity leave? Would signing up for short-term disability be smart if I want more than 12 weeks and pay?

Kiyna asks:

Farnoosh! My daily source of moneyspiration. I recently went on an interview and everything went well until an awkward salary discussion with HR. She asked about my salary history; I responded I wasn’t comfortable sharing the specifics but rather seeking positions within a range. She continued to bully me into disclosing a number. I again refused. She angrily responded I was REQUIRED to and was very persistent despite my discomfort (even probing about if I had equity at my last job and its current valuation). Is that even legal? What to do in the future situation? Many thanks in advance.

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