So Money - Episode 49

Ask Farnoosh

Farnoosh Torabi

How  to invest for a secure future? And what to do if you feel taken advantage of – financially – in your relationship? Lots of interesting – and smart – questions on today’s episode of Ask Farnoosh.


There’s all this  advice about the woman making more money than the man, but as a young 20-something dating woman, it still rubs me the wrong way when I have to help support my girlfriend financially: co-signing loans, buying her a car, paying more of the rent, etc. Is there any advice?


Job hunting and current job does not have access to 401k – how much of a pay cut is worth getting 401k access?


Hi Farnoosh! I grew up in a financially unstable environment, which is why I think I taught myself to scrimp and save. I’m not yet 30 and have paid off all my student loans. My salary is in the mid 40s. I have about 12k in savings, and never spend more than $100 in credit cards each month, which I pay in full when due. What will yield the best result for investing future savings? I don’t plan on having kids, but plan on starting a scholarship foundation someday. I want to live comfortably and help others.
Thanks, Farnoosh! Be Salamati!


I love your show! You keep me sane! Currently I am caretaker to both my parents, one of which is terminally ill and the other suffered a stroke last year. I homeschool my 2 kids and my husband is not working since we are finishing building our log home (he has built it himself). We own a condo in NH we rent but our tenant is breaking his lease and we cannot cover our mortgage for more than a month if he leaves and/or we don’t replace him right away. We also have some cc debt about 6g. My parents cover most of our necessities but we still have a few small bills and building expenses to cover. We get a small income each month from odd jobs but it’s less than $900. What would you recommend we do?


What is the best way for an expat American to start saving for retirement? Thanks, Farnoosh!


I’m one of  those rare birds that is great at saving. My problem is I’m terrible at investing. I’ve tried expensive brokerage houses and felt ripped off. I’ve moved to fidelity to lessen my expenses but feel like they didn’t give me good advise as to where to put the money. (Suggested a fund in the year of my planned retirement)  when I looked at the return, it was far below market averages.  I’ve even tried a fee only planner and thought it was too expensive. Now I’m thinking an index fund……but how do I pick a few to diversify?   International, bond and or US based…or all three? I am sitting on too much cash….where should it go?

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