So Money - Episode 750

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley

Founder of The Fiscal Femme

How would you describe your relationship with money? If it’s anything less than harmonious, our guest today wants to help.

Today I’m interviewing Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, founder of The Fiscal Femme. Ashley is a life coach, money coach, and keynote speaker who has made it her life mission to help women cultivate harmonious relationships with money and achieve their financial goals.

A former investment banker, Ashley now spends her days an entrepreneur, working with women across the country to help them learn more about money. The key, she says, is to develop a positive mindset when it comes to your worth – and your wealth.

Learn more about Ashley at You can also follow her on Instagram @thefiscalfemme and also on twitter @thefiscalfemme.

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