So Money - Episode 1123

Arian Simone

Author, The Fearless Money Mindset

Arian Simone knows what it’s like to experience financial highs and lows. She went from being abruptly fired, forced to live in her car, and living off food stamps to becoming a philanthropist and running her own venture capital fund. Her book, The Fearless Money Mindset, is like a booster shot of optimism and can help transform how you look at your finances.

Her book The Fearless Money Mindset provides a close-up view inside the life of Arian detailing her life lessons, business wins, and humorous adventures that have impacted her personal and professional journey. Arian’s open transparency illustrates that a simple shift in perspective can ultimately move you closer towards achieving what’s possible.

“Many people have more fear in being broke, rather than faith in having abundance,” says Simone. Her journey is one of perseverance, business savvy, and faith. And it’s a testament to believing that when your luck is down, it’s only temporary — an essential reminder this year.

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