So Money - Episode 789

Angela Duckworth

Author of Grit

Would you consider yourself gritty?

Grit is being able to pursue long term goals, even if that pursuits take years. Grit is when you view your life like a marathon, not a sprint. Grit is when you don’t consider a failure an end point. And, today’s podcast guest is the world’s foremost expert on grit, and she’s here to tell us how we can get more of it and why it’s so important.

Today, I’m welcoming Angela Duckworth to the show. She is the New York Times best selling author of the book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance…now in paperback.

She’s a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned her PhD, and she’s the Founder and CEO of Character Lab, a non-profit that helps use psychological science to help kids thrive.

Angela and I discuss how grit can be learned, her financial perspectives formed as the daughter of immigrant Chinese parents, Eastern versus Western parenting values…and we explore the plot of the hit movie Crazy Rich Asians.

You can learn more about Angela by visiting her website, and and follow her on Twitter @angeladuckw.

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