So Money - Episode 811

Amy Nelson

Founder, The Riveter

Like many moms, our guest today – Amy Nelson – did not want to quit her profession. But felt there were many forces at play keeping otherwise career-ambitious women at home after having children. One of those headwinds was the workplace, itself.

Upon announcing she was pregnant with her first child, Amy, who was an attorney at the time,  noticed she wasn’t getting as many interesting cases. Her workload diminished…and unfairly. She thought she was on track to become a partner, but wondered if that would ever happen given the corporate culture towards mothers.

Today, Amy is the founder and CEO of The Riveter, a female focused co-working space in Seattle. The company is growing fast. It has secured over $4 million in funding to expand to more locations. Amy has become quite the thought leader around all-things related to women, work, motherhood and feminism. I am a big fan and excited to share her work and ideas with all of you.

You can learn more about Amy’s business at and follow them on Twitter @TheRiveterCo.

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