So Money - Episode 961

Alicia Menedez

MSNBC Anchor and Author, The Likeability Trap

“I’m someone who cares very much about being well liked. It’s taken me a long time to get to the point where I can say that and own that because it feels lame to care as much as I do.” – Alicia Menendez, Author of The Likeability Trap

Does that sound familiar? Can you relate to that? Our guest today calls that the ‘likeability trap,’ and she speaks about it personally in a new book about how women can be stuck in an impossible bind. Alicia Menendez is an award winning journalist examines this this fundamental paradox and empowers readers to let go of old rules and reimagine leadership rather than reinventing themselves.

Alicia is an MSNBC anchor and host of the Latina to Latina podcast. Dubbed Ms. Millennial by the Washington post, Journalism’s New Gladiator by Elle and a Content Queen by Marie Claire. Her interviews and reporting have appeared on ABC news, Bustle, PBS and Vice news.

THE LIKEABILITY TRAP: How to Break Free and Own Your Worth is her new book and it proposes surprising practical solutions for confronting the cultural patterns holding us back. It also encourages us to value unique talents and styles and remember that while likeability is part of the game, it will not break you.


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