So Money - Episode 699

Adam Auriemma

Editor-in-Chief of Money Magazine

Today’s show is a little bit of a throwback for me because it involves going down memory lane. I’ve not only been a subscriber of this magazine, but you might know I was also an employee, an intern in fact, in the past. It’s where I got my first start in the biz and in journalism.

Joining me on today’s show is the new editor-in-chief of Money Magazine, Adam Auriemma. Since taking on this prominent role, Adam’s helped lead to more than 10 million unique visitors – an all time record! Prior to working for Money, Adam was at Fusion and also the Wall Street Journal.

Adam and I talk about some of the more hidden stories when it comes to personal finance. What does he think are some of the under reported topics? We also talk about how he got into the money space as someone whose first job was working in a grocery store earning $6 an hour. Plus, why he calls himself an aggressive saver – it’s not just a coincidence.

To learn more about Adam follow him @adamauriemma on Twitter and Instagram.

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