So Money - Episode 1063

Adam Auriemma

Editor-in-Chief of NextAdvisor

Joining me today is the new Editor-in-Chief of NextAdvisor, Adam Auriemma.

NextAdvisor is a brand new personal finance platform that just launched earlier this summer, in partnership with Time Magazine. I am a contributing editor for the platform and my first piece is about how we bought a house in the pandemic (all the behind-the-scenes!).

The site is full of timely and important content related to financial wellness and making smart money moves. One piece I really love is 50 Smart Money Moves You Can Make Right Now, which Adam authored after interviewing many experts including Suze Orman, Mel Robbins, and Erin Lowry, author of Broke Millennial.

Adam and I discuss:

  • How NextAdvisor’s point of view is slightly different in the world of personal finance content.
  • How the platform is thinking about money in the context of race and class.
  • How Adam’s personal views on money have shifted in the pandemic and recession.

More about Adam: He is a personal finance journalist and the former editor-in-chief of Money magazine. He has also been a deputy bureau chief at The Wall Street Journal, managing editor of The Daily Beast, and deputy editor of Fusion, a joint venture of Univision and ABC News. Teams working under Adam’s leadership have received the Gerald Loeb Award for Business and Financial Journalism, a National Association of Black Journalists Digital Media Commentary Award, and an Emmy nomination for Best Cultural/Topical Documentary.

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