So Money - Episode 693

Abby Walker

Author of "Strap On A Pair" + Founder of Vivian Lou Insolia®

Do you feel like you’re quarter-assing your way through life and work?

Our guest today is Abby Lou Walker, a former corporate executive turned entrepreneur. Her pivot came as she discovered she was unfulfilled at work and taking her stress and disappointment home to her family where she was the mom of two young children…and as she described, quarter-assing her way through work and life, never feeling like she was really successful in either realm.

So, Abby turned to a creative outlet for some release – blogging about shoes for just 1 hour per week. While blogging, she made a chance discovery about an untapped market and the rest is history.

Today Abby Walker is the CEO of Vivian Lou, a 7-figure company that creates comfortable insoles for high heeled shoes. She is also the author of the new book Strap on a Pair: A Middle-Aged, Middle-Management, Middle-Class Mom’s Quest for Something More.

Abby shares how she overcame some of her personal limiting beliefs around earning money, why she equated being rich to being an absent parent and the financial benefits of a practice called EFT.

To learn more about Abby visit or follow her on Twitter @iheartvivianlou.

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