So Money - Episode 480

Aaron Task

Digital Editor at Fortune Magazine

Aaron Task is a friend and former colleague from and Yahoo! Finance. Now, he’s the Digital Editor of Fortune where he oversees editorial strategy and operations. Aaron is also a fellow podcaster, hosting the NEW weekly podcast Fortune Unfiltered, where he has in-depth conversations with top businesspeople including Gary Vaynerchuk, Blake Irving and Steve Case among others. He’s an award-winning journalist with over 20 years of experience covering business and finance. He previously served as the Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo! Finance and was an on-camera host of The Daily Ticker. Before joining Yahoo!, he spent 10 years at Aaron is also an author. He co-wrote Bailout Nation with Barry Ritholtz.

In our conversation we talk about how Aaron has managed to be very entrepreneurial within the media companies he’s worked for. How has he done and how does he continue to strengthen his personal brand within a corporate brand? We also take a trip down memory lane and discuss the lessons we both learned about harnessing the power of multimedia at…with big thanks to Jim Cramer, our leader. And he shares his biggest money mistake and success…both had to do with the same thing. Listen to the episode and you’ll know what I mean.

If you’d like to learn more about Aaron visit or follow him on Twitter @aarontask.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “There is no one way to be successful. You have to do the things that work for your life & career goals.” – Click To Tweet

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