So Money - Episode 1406

Sam Dogen

Author, Buy This Not That

Financial expert Sam Dogen dives into the bigger questions we ask ourselves like whether to invest in real estate or stocks, rent or buy a home, quit our jobs after having kids or continue to work, buy or lease a car and lots more. In his new book, Buy This, Not That: How to Spend Your Way to Wealth and Financial Freedom, Sam’s goal is to minimize regret even if things don’t go according to plan and for readers to confidently make strategic decisions that coincide best with their lifestyle while optimizing the money they already have.

More about Sam Dogen: He worked in investing banking for 13 years before starting Financial Samurai, his personal finance website. He has been featured in major publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Sydney Herald, The Chicago Tribune and The L.A. Times. Sam’s new book.

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