So Money - Episode 1451

Vee Weir

Founder, Vee Frugal Fox

Vee Weir, founder of Vee Frugal Fox, speaks candidly about how guilt, shame and anxiety plagued her financial life after college…and how some of her darkest periods were while following the principles of financial businessman D*ve R*msey. She recognizes that his advice has helped millions of people, but has an important message around how to be more thoughtful and critical of the financial advice we follow and the experts that guide us.

Vee Frugal Fox is an inclusive online brand for those paying down debt, saving money, and living their best financial lives. Vee began her path to financial independence in 2016, She has paid off $71k in five years. She fell in love with personal finance and opened her digital marketing firm, which services other finance brands in the online space. Check out her podcast, Not Another Personal Finance Podcast.

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