So Money - Episode 679

Tricia Brouk

Director, Choreographer & Executive Producer of TEDxLincolnSquare

Tricia Brouk is our guest today and she does it all: she works in film, tv, theatre, and is a writer, director, and choreographer. She’s also the founder of The Big Talk, a popular service where she uses her expertise in the art of public speaking to make other big talks and keynotes a success. Her clients have gone on to earn 7-figure income streams, receive invitations to speak with the FDA, and speak at TEDx events around the country.

Tricia recently produced a documentary called The Dinner is Full about a man named Chris who started the 747 Club, a dinner club for strangers to gather and meet authentically around simple pasta sauce. Her next musical is Committed, coming in February 2018. This show tells the story of eight psychiatric patients struggling with their mental illnesses in a 1989 psychiatric ward. The aim of the show is to de-stigmatize mental illness through honesty, humor, and art.

Tricia is also the producer of TEDxLincolnSquare, and the host of the podcast The Big Talk, where she currently interviews people who talk for a living.

Tricia and I discuss:

  • Why being a starving artist is neither sexy nor So Money
  • How she managed to make money while traveling on the road with her dance company.
  • If an employer won’t pay you what you’re worth,if you discover a male coworker is making twice as much? Should you take the job? Quit? Sue? Tricia has a detailed personal story.
  • How to convince investors to invest in your risky theatrical production.

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