So Money - Episode 819

Susie Carder

Author, From Bootstrap to Big Time

Our guest today knows a thing or two about how to defy the odds, triumph in life despite economic challenges and grow a multimillion-dollar business. Susie Carder began her career as a hairdresser. Before that, she was raised in a very small home as one of nine children. She recalls the days of paying her mortgage with her credit card and raising her daughters as a single mom when a life-threatening accident takes place.

She also admits to losing 90% of her wealth in the Great Recession, just 10 years ago and she has risen from the ashes. Today, she teaches others how to build wealth. Her new book is called From Bootstrap to Big Time, how to take your company from $250,000 to $10 million, and emphasizes that profit and planning are essential parts of a business’s overall success.

Susie also talks about in her life at least, how her faith has played a role in her success. By the way, she runs a nine-figure business and has helped people from Steve Harvey, to Lisa Nichols multiply their wealth, and also has supported big brands from Dell to Paul Mitchell scale their businesses.

To learn more about Susie Carder, please visit, and follow her on Instagram @SusieCarder.

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