So Money - Episode 988

Sigrun Gudjonsdottir

Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Iceland was the first country to have a female president, a democratically-elected female president who served for 16 years. Our guest today, Sigrun Gudjonsdottir, remembers vividly what it felt like to grow up in Iceland and have that be her reality. And she says it is – no doubt- why she grew up to be the sort of woman who believes that anything is possible.

As we kick off a new important year, 2020, Sigrun, a female advocate and business coach, stops by the show to lend us her vision so that we can get closer to achieving whatever we want this year.

A little bit more about Sigrun:. For much of her career, she ran companies as the CEO. She even turned down the top role as CEO of Nisan, Sweden. She is now the CEO of her own company, a world renowned speaker, a podcast host, and she’s on a mission to help women and men turn their passion into profits.

Sigrun has a famous quote: “Put a date on your dreams. The rest is logistics.”

I think I’m going to get that framed as my go to motivational poster for 2020.

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