So Money - Episode 247

Sharon Epperson

CNBC Senior Personal Finance Correspondent

Today, I have the great pleasure and privilege of speaking with a fantastic award-winning journalist, Sharon Epperson. Sharon is currently the senior personal finance correspondent for CNBC and covers that beat exclusively. She also appears on other NBC news shows like The Today Show and Nightly News, I’m sure you’ve seen her on television. For eight years, she reported from the New York Mercantile Exchange where she covered the Energy Markets and commodity markets. She’s won numerous awards include a Gracie Award for Outstanding Online Host for her financial advisor playbook video series on and the Trailblazer of the Year Award from the New York Association of Black Journalists.  Most recently, she hosts a digital video series on entitled Retire Wellto help viewers of all ages protect their money.  This series is the top performing video series on CNBC’s digital platform.

Takeaways from our time together:

  • Sharon has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Government from Harvard, and a Master’s in International and Public Affairs from Columbia. So interesting that she ended up as a financial journalist and she talks about that journey, how she became the woman that she is today. What was the path that took her to CNBC? The opportunities that led her to financial journalism. You know she admits she was a little unsure of covering business news as a young reporter.
  • We also discuss why Sharon is not worried about the fluctuations in the market place. This interview was recorded in late August when, as we know, the markets went on quite a rollercoaster. We had a tumultuous end to August and so what does Sharon make of all these heavy moves in the market, and what are her predictions as we go into the fall?
  • The financial lessons she learned from launching her parents – that’s another topic that we talk about with Sharon because she says, interestingly enough her parents did not really talk about money, but she still learned quite a bit from mom and dad and she shares that with us.

If you would like to learn more about Sharon Epperson, visit her website or follow her on Twitter @sharon_epperson.

One of my favorite quotes from our interview: “I think everyone should take a money minute, every day. Just some aspect of your finances to think about.” – Click to Tweet

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