So Money - Episode 555

Scott McGillivray

Real Estate Expert & Host of Income Property

You know I LOVE real estate. I encourage you to share your questions for Ask Farnoosh. It’s a topic I love. So I’m really excited to bring back today’s guest, Scott McGillivray. You probably know him from HGTV’s Income Property or Moving the McGillivrays but Scott is teaming up with, which is an innovative online brokerage that offers tools and services to help buyers and sellers save money AND time. I’m all for that.

If you want to know more about Scott’s money past and the best day of the week to buy a home go back and check out his initial So Money interview in EP 398.

In our conversation today, we talk about where the market is headed in 2017. Is this going to be a more expensive market for buyers, a cheaper market for buyers? How are interest rates going to drive the marketing? The financial sacrifices perspective homebuyers are willing to make to buy that home, because so many of us just want to become homeowners. At the same time, some people are just better off renting, and Scott has his take on who should buy and who should just rent.

If you’d like to learn more about Scott visit and or follow him on Twitter @SMcGillivray.

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