So Money - Episode 591

Sarah LaFleur

Founder & CEO of MM.LaFleur

From -$2,000 in her bank account to generating a projected $75 million in sales, entrepreneur Sarah LaFleur is on the show today sharing her trials, tribulations and tips for living your best financial life. Sarah is the founder of MM.LaFleur, a new women’s fashion brand that CNBC says is “shaking up retail.” Sarah started the company in 2011 after quitting her job in private equity. With $35,000 in savings and another $35,000 in loans from her parents she launched what would become one of fashion’s hottest new clothing lines for professional women.

Sarah and I go deep on the show. She shares…

  • The side hustle that helped her bank account stay afloat in those early days of starting her company.
  • The early hardships of launching MM.LaFleur. “I felt like I had ruined my resume…” she said.
  • The time she was certain the company was going bankrupt and her idea that turned it all around.

If you’d like to learn more about Sarah visit or follow her on Twitter @mmlafleur.

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