So Money - Episode 741

Pete Chatmon


Our guest today, Pete Chatmon, started making films in the 11th grade. Fast-forward, he’s a director on hit shows like Blackish, Grownish and Grey’s Anatomy.

When we think of the film industry, we think big Blockbusters, dazzling movie premieres. Who actually pays to create these movies and how does a young up-and-coming film maker with no money actually break into the industry?

Pete started making films in high school and through a lot of hustle and persistence, he raised half $1 million for his first film, hit a thousand dollars of his own money in the bank at the time. Since then he’s gone on to direct well-known shows, including Blackish.

Pete and I discuss how he got his start in the film industry, how he keeps his integrity in an industry that is full of compromise, the grit required to make it in the industry and the financial realities of launching films.

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