So Money - Episode Bonus

Nikki Arwood

Regional Market Executive at Charles Schwab

We’re going back to basics today in a special So Money® bonus episode, talking about the best ways to start and execute financial goals.

Our guest is Nikki Arwood, Regional Market Executive at Charles Schwab. In her role, Nikki leads 36 branches and over 200 employees in the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. She has been in the financial services industry for 30 years, and has spent most of those years at Schwab. Nikki is a graduate of Georgetown University, where she majored in Sociology and was captain of the Women’s Basketball Team.

Nikki and I discuss goal setting, finding the motivation to stay the course with your financial plan and a 30-Day financial cleanse from which we can all benefit.


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