So Money - Episode 1078

Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench

Co-Hosts of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast

What is the deal with the stock market? How is the current recession different than the one from 2008/2009? How to think about real estate and your portfolio now? We are in conversation with the co-hosts of the BiggerPockets Money podcast, Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen. They’re here to share their perspectives and best advice on how to navigate the economy now.

Scott Trench is the CEO and President of Scott has dedicated his career to helping ordinary Americans build wealth in part through real estate investing. Since joining BiggerPockets in 2014, Scott has authored the wealth building book Set for Life and joined Mindy Jensen as a host of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast . He stays active in the BiggerPockets forums and contributed hundreds of articles, market analyses, and files to BiggerPockets. He has also contributed to other personal finance blogs, along with traditional news outlets including Time, CNBC, and NBC.

Mindy Jensen has been the Community Manager for for the last five years, helping less experienced folks learn how to invest in real estate the RIGHT way. She has spent the last 22 years live-in flipping houses, moving into very unattractive homes and making them beautiful – all while paying $0 in capital gains taxes because these homes are her primary residence.

Mindy joins Scott Trench every Monday morning on the BiggerPockets Money Podcast to share the money stories of their guests. Mindy truly believes financial freedom is available for anyone. Mindy studied Fashion Design, the stupidest major ever.

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