So Money - Episode 367

Mike Still

Actor, Upright Citizens Brigade Artistic Director

I am going down memory lane today. I’ve invited my friend from college. Mike Still is here and he’s going to become a household name very soon – I promise you. Mike and I were both in the honor’s college at Penn State and also in a theatre club. He was a phenomenal actor but also talented in many other ways- a great student, public speaker and leader.

Interestingly enough, Mike pursued his deepest passion, acting. Of course, he became very successful because that’s who he is. He’s had a very successful commercial acting career and also, television. He’s been very busy and most recently, I saw him in an article in Fast Company Magazine, calling him, “The Next Lorne Michaels”. Yes, the next Lorne Michaels. Mike is now the artistic director of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. It’s an improvisational and sketch comedy training center. It’s the only accredited improv and sketch comedy school in the country. Lots of SNL stars got started at the Upright Citizens Brigade, which is why I believe that Fast Company is calling Mike the next Lorne Michaels. People like Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Rick Roman, Horatio Sanz all came from UCB and so Mike is in a pretty powerful position, I have to say and all the while, he’s still trying to work at his own acting career.

We talk about that reconciling those two worlds, what he thinks is the “It factor” right now as people are trying to breakthrough in comedy and acting. Since he’s on the forefront of that. Also, what’s his take?

If you’d like to learn more about Mike Still follow him on Twitter @MikeStill.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “Remember people are happy to hear your ideas. They’re happy that you’re a maker.” – Click To Tweet

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