So Money - Episode 1630

Maggie Johndrow

Johndrow Wealth

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It’s Valentine’s week, and my birthday week, so I’m kicking things off with a show topic that’s near and dear: Why women need to have their own money. Everyone should have their own money, but this message needs to be emphasized more for women who may sometimes feel it’s not their strength or role to make money or manage money in a relationship.

The impetus for this episode was a New York Times essay entitled Never Rely on a Man’s Money. Maggie Smith writes about how her divorce was a shock that led her to a new vow: financial independence. We’ll get into her story and bring on our guest today, Maggie Johndrow, a partner and financial advisor at Johndrow Wealth. She’s one of my favorite advisors, and we share a common love for making women rich. We talk about what she sees in her practice; oftentimes, women come into post-divorce with financial regrets. What are those regrets? What are the absolute facts women need to know about their financial lives, and how can they insist upon more financial transparency and equality in their relationship?

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