So Money - Episode 903

Lou Anne Alexander

Group President of Payment Solutions for Early Warning

How do you send money to friends, family, and just about anyone else? The odds are you’re no longer putting a check in the mail. When was the last time you even used a check?

With so many of us abandoning our checkbooks and person to person payment services taking off, banks needed to change with the times or risk losing their customers.

That’s where my guest today Lou Anne Alexander enters the scene. She’s the Group President of Payment Solutions for Early Warning LLC, and led the launch of Zelle — the financial services’ first real time payment network. Zelle was also the presenting partner of Stacks House in Los Angeles, the financial empowerment pop-up museum  She has spent the last few years on the road promoting Zelle to banking executives who weren’t always so eager to embrace change. And she’s done it successfully, with $39 billion sent through Zelle in the first quarter of this year.

A banking veteran with years of success under her belt, I’m very excited to have Lou Anne Alexander joining us today.

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