So Money - Episode 277

Lewis Howes

Author of "The School of Greatness"

Today I have the great pleasure of bringing back Lewis Howes to the show to talk about his latest book out today. That’s right, you can go over to Barnes and Nobles, Amazon or your local bookstore after you listen to this and pick up a copy, which I highly recommend that you do. In fact I’m giving away 20 free copies, listen to the end of this podcast to discover how you can be selected or check out the instructions below.

The book is called “The School of Greatness.” It’s the same title of his very successful podcast and as I said, I’ve already had Lewis on the show before in case you miss that episode, you’ll have to check it out it was episode 4.

Now a little bit of background to catch some of you up about Lewis. A lot of you may recognize his name, he is a former pro football player, he is an elite athlete, after suffering a career ending injury he bounced back creating a multimillion dollar online business as a business coach and speaker.

In his new book, he shares the tips and habits that he uncovered in interviewing some of the greatest people including Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson and Pencils or Promise CEO Adam Braun among countless others, he’s uncovered that greatness that comes from within. He decided to write about his experiences and share a real world guide to living bigger, loving deeper and leaving a legacy. His ultimate goal is showing people that anyone is capable of achieving success.

Takeaways from our time together:

  1. What are the secrets to greatness as told by his book and he talks about how you have to do something painful every day. Really? What does he do?
  2. How we all experience at some level adversity. His advice is you have to embrace it, you have to learn how to transform that adversity into achievement and can you be successful without adversity?
  3. Creating your circle of greatness. What if you’re not so happy with your friends? How do you go about creating a community of supportive and frankly smarter people?

If you’d like to learn more about Lewis Howes, visit his website  If you’d like to pick up a copy of his new book from Amazon visit or visit his website in order to receive a gift with purchase of the new book. Also, follow him on Twitter @LewisHowes.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “If we want to be successful in business, relationships or anything, we’ve got to have our health under control” – Click To Tweet

I’m giving away 20 free copies of the book. It’s simple, to enter to win leave a comment below about your thoughts related to Lewis’ interview. What did you love about the interview? What’s your definition of greatness? Would love your feedback. I’ll pick 20 people to get their free copy.

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