So Money - Episode 663

Laura Cowan

Estate Planning Attorney

You know, it’s never a perfect time to talk about things like life insurance, estate planning and wills. It’s kind of a downer. But, your financial life would not be so solid if you didn’t take care of these issues. I think it’s important that we talk about them on this podcast. To help us, I brought on Estate Planning Attorney, Laura Cowan.

She just wrote a free e-book that you can all download here or by visiting It’s called Wear Clean Underwear!, the subtitle is: A Fast, Friendly and Essential Guide to Estate Planning For Busy Parents. Laura practiced law for many years at a big legal firm before opening up her own practice in New York City. She drafts wills, trusts and other documents to make sure families are taken care of. She has seen it all. Experienced it all. We go right to the topic and find out why we need wills, how do we get one and what about life insurance? Do you really need it?

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