So Money - Episode 1084

Kristian Golick

Video Content Producer

How to leverage video in today’s world to grow your business, brand or career? How to stand out from the crowd and create compelling video on a budget? Kristian is a professional video content producer that teaches entrepreneurs how to incorporate video into their business and everyday life. He believes video is still an underused tool that can help businesses thrive (even in a pandemic). He started his career in TV commercial advertising. Soon after, he started his own business as a wedding videographer. After devoting years to the wedding industry, Kristian realized that his skills and business mindset could better serve the entrepreneurial market. His current projects include online course creation for clients and online consulting for people wanting to learn how to incorporate video into their business.

Connect with Kristian

Instagram: @Kristiangolickfilms

*Also, the ring light Farnoosh mentioned during the episode is here.

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