So Money - Episode 649

Kelly Richmond Pope

Education Innovator & Forensic Accounting Expert

We’re going to dig into what actually has people create crime. Not just any crime but financial crime. What is actually behind it… the motivation, the mindset?

Our guest, Kelly Richmond Pope, will help bring this to life. She is the genius behind the movie All the Queen’s Horses. It is a true story of Rita Crundwell, one of the national’s leading quarter horse breeders, who was also arrested in 2012. She was the largest municipal fraud perpetrator in the country’s history. She embezzled upwards of $50 million dollars as a comptroller and treasurer of Dixon, Illinois.

It’s not $50 or $60 billion, like Bernie Madoff. But $50 million is a lot of money. Plus, we’re talking small town Illinois and about a woman who was trusted. She was a horse breeder. There were no signs that she was going to be stealing your money… but were there?

The film has actually won HBO’s best documentary award at the Martha’s Vineyard African-American film festival. Critics are going nuts. They love it.

Kelly is not just a filmmaker. She’s also an associate professor in the school of accountancy at MIS at DePaul University in Chicago. There she teaches a lot of different courses around accounting and a course on leadership. She is also a speaker and an author. She’s worked in the forensic practice at KPMG on anti-money laundering engagements, insurance fraud investigations and fraud risk management projects. She is well-versed in the forensic accounting field. She’s also on a ton of forensic accounting seminars around the world for universities, corporations and governments.

To learn more about Kelly, please visit or follow her on Twitter @KellyRPope.

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