So Money - Episode 747

Kelly Keenan Trumpbour

Founder of See Jane Invest

Have you ever had an amazing idea for a business, but the one thing you didn’t have was the money? So you lost momentum. Often, entrepreneurs turn to angel investors, individuals to fund their ideas to get their business off the ground, and who are willing to front them cash to start or grow their businesses in exchange for equity.

The thing is, we sometimes think that to qualify we have to be a contestant on Shark Tank or the next Facebook. It’s not true.

Today’s guest is Kelly Keenan Trumpbour, founder of See Jane Invest, a company that is committed to helping women-led businesses find success.  

More and more women are becoming angel investors. These days, 26% of angel investors are women, up from just 12% in 2011.

Kelly discusses her portfolio, how she identifies business that are worth funding, and how to get YOUR business off the ground. Not to mention, Kelly is a mother, business owner, wife and host of the new podcast See Jane Invest. And she arrives to our show with enormous insights into motherhood, career, feminism and breaking the rules.

For more information about Kelly, please visit or (where you can also listen to her podcast!). You can also follow her on twitter @KKTrumpbour.

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