So Money - Episode 1036

Katie Sturino

Entrepreneur and Founder, MegaBabe

How has the pandemic influenced the influencer market? With the downturn in the economy many businesses have pressed PAUSE on marketing and our guest Katie Sturino, entrepreneur and social media influencer shares insights and personal experiences. How is she managing her personal finances and business in this market and what is her advice for business owners and brands as they turn to the internet for more exposure (and sales?)

More about Katie: She is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, body positivity advocate and fierce animal activist. Through her personal platforms, @katiesturino and, she lends her voice and personal style to raise awareness for size inclusivity, empowering women of all sizes to find their confidence and celebrate their style. Her regular content series, #SuperSizeTheLook and #MakeMySize have gone viral, reaching millions of people and attracting global media attention.

Katie is also the founder of MEGABABE, an innovative beauty brand offering non-toxic, solution-oriented products that allow people to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin. Most recently, Katie launched BOOB SWEAT, a weekly podcast that tackles often “taboo” topics such as Dating in your 30s, Botox, and Divorce.

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